Madhya Pradesh Solo Trip – BhedaGhat and Dhuandhar Falls – Day 14

15th January, 2020. On this day my return journey started. I was travelling back to Bhopal and then planned to leave for Mumbai from there. But on the way I was going to visit two more attractions of Madhya Pradhesh. First one was Bhedaghat. Bhedaghat is a small attraction site on the Narmada river. The hills on the banks of the river are all marble. One can hire a boat and take a tour of this beautiful site with marble rock formation on both sides of the river. Further down the road from Bhedaghat is Dhuandhar Falls. This waterfall is magnificently beautiful.


I hired an entire boat for myself as I wanted to take photographs from all the possible angles. If I had taken a shared boat then the other passengers would have blocked most of my line of sight. I paid extra to take an extra long trip but it was worth every buck I paid. The old guy who was driving the boat with another younger guy was super funny. He was narrating the significance of all the spots on the site during my tour but his narration was in a form of funny poems. He added an extra fun element to the boat ride.

Dhuandhar Falls

When I got down from the car to walk to the falls, I saw a huge crowd. I realized there’s no point taking the tripod along as I was sure I would find not enough space to stand the tripod. So I left the tripod in the car. When I reached the river bank, I saw a ropeway going towards the other side of the river. I took two tickets, one for me and another for my driver. We reached the other side and there weren’t many people there. I regretted my decision of not taking the tripod. I wanted to take long exposure photographs of the falls, for which tripod is a must. Nevertheless, I did manage some long exposure photographs just by hand-holding the camera and holding my breath.

I spent a long time at the falls and it was already late afternoon. Which meant it was difficult to reach Bhopal on the same day. So I took a decision to spend a night at a hotel and leave for Bhopal the next day. I stayed in a hotel ‘Vijan Mahal’ near Tilhar on Mandla-Jabalpur road. I booked a bus ticket from Bhopal to Mumbai, which was leaving at 5 pm the next day. I decided to take a bus instead of a flight because journey on road has a lot more to offer than the sky. I completely regretted taking the bus though. I took a sleeper coach but my bed in the bus was not made for a six feet tall guy. I hardly slept through the journey. I reached Mumbai on 17th January, 2020, which was the sixteenth day since my journey started.

The entire trip was amazing. I’m planning to go to Madhya Pradesh again in the winter of 2020. I have to take the safari at Bhimbetika and also I have to see the tigers at Kanha.

Meanwhile following are some random images I took while travelling back to Bhopal

Drongo, कोतवाल
Cattle Egrets, गाय बगळा
Indian rollar/blue jay, नीलकंठ

And with this another crazy roadtrip of mine comes to an end. As the popular saying goes, “Every end is a new beginning”. I’ll be back soon with more stories and more photographs. Thanks for reading my blog.

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