Origin Rig Setup in Maya 2022

Origin Rig System Explained

In this blogpost I will try to explain how to setup the origin rig system in Maya 2022. The new falloff nodes combined with the offsetParentMatrix attribute allow this system to function. I believe that with Maya 2022, Autodesk has started taking rigging in Maya into a new direction.

Overall Look At My Arm Rig Setup

In the following video, I explain the idea of origin rig setup using the my arm rig.

Basics Of Origin Rig Setup

In the following video I demonstrate how you can setup your own origin rig system.

Adding skinCluster on Origin Rig Setup

In the following video I demonstrate how to add a skinCluster and define a rest pose for the skinCluster deformations.

Suggestion For Simplifying The offsetParentMatrix System

In the next video I have some suggestions for Maya devs that could simplify the origin rig setup

Here is an image presented in the video for a reference…

Useful Links Mentioned In The Videos

My 2018 video on the concept of Pre-matrix using my own C++ node

Mathias Røyrvik‘s videos on setting up the falloff nodes

The inspiration behind the setup I’ve explained comes from Voodoo and Matt Derksen. Check out the videos from Matt to see the magic of Voodoo.

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