Bird Safari in Western India

My initial plan was to head back home after finishing my tiger safari in Madhya Pradesh. But my naturalist Deep Kathikar told me about a photography opportunity in western India where thousands of migratory birds had gathered on their way to their annual migratory path. My tiger safari experience was so successful that I wanted to carry on with my luck. So I along with my naturalist flew to Gujarat to photograph these beautiful birds.  The first place I visited was Nal sarovar. Following are some of the photographs I clicked during the course of two days.

After finishing my bird safari at Nal sarovar, we moved to ‘Little Rann of Kutch’, also known as LRK. I stayed at an eco-lodge named ‘Desert Coursers’ which arranged all my safari expeditions for two days. Following are photographs I managed to click at LRK.

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