Madhya Pradesh Solo Trip – Day 4

I woke up and walked out in the verandah. It was a cold morning and blue haze had spread over the jungle. The haze was so dense that the visibility was down to mere 300 to 400 meters. Everything was looking mesmerizing. I went back in the room just to come out again with my […]

Uttarayan I – Amritsar

     I was reading a Chetan Bhagat’s novel on my Kindle. I peeked outside a huge window pane and saw an open sky and a humongous runway. A ‘Jet Airways’ flight had just landed and was slowing down on the runway before taking a turn towards the boarding area. I was waiting for my […]

Sandhan Valley Trek

Chilling Waters      “Aee… Ooo…“, a voice called out in the dark. All heads turned. Ever since I had heard this call, it had grabbed my interest. I wanted to know what’s the story and the origin of this call. It was very successful in grabbing our attention, there’s got to be some story […]

Hanging On a 10mm Rope

The adventure which had remained unfinished 8 years ago, was finally completed on 4th September, 2016. This blog is about the past and the present adventure experience I had with Waterfall Rappelling.