Ladakh Road Trip -2013 – Day 17-18

On day 17 and 18, we visited Hunder and Diskit and attended sand dunes festival. Experienced a great home stay in Diskit. I was surprised to see sand dunes in Ladakh…

Ladakh Road Trip -2013 – Day 13-14

This blog is on the day 13 and 14 of our month long road trip in Ladakh. Even though we had to spend an unplanned day in Leh, we finally reached Chang-La on day 14…

Ladakh Road Trip -2013 – Day 11-12

This blog is about our 11th and 12th day in a month long motorbike trip in Leh-Ladakh. On the 11th day we finally reached in Leh and on 12th day we roamed around and made some new friends. Here’s the story…

Ladakh Road Trip -2013 – Day 9-10

On day 9 Avinash’s bullet broke down at Tanglang-la. Me and Rajesh took Indian Army’s help to for rescuing Avinash-Maithili and the bullet. This blog narrated the story.

Ladakh Road Trip -2013 – Day 7-8

This post is about 7th and 8th day of our month long Ladakh trip. O these two days I had my birthday on the first day and the second day could very well be my death day. I had a narrow escape from death.

Madhya Pradesh Solo Trip – Day 4

I woke up and walked out in the verandah. It was a cold morning and blue haze had spread over the jungle. The haze was so dense that the visibility was down to mere 300 to 400 meters. Everything was looking mesmerizing. I went back in the room just to come out again with my […]