Madhya Pradesh Solo Trip – Bhopal, Sanchi Stupa, Udaygiri Caves – Day 8

A few words about the previous day I’m skipping a day with this blog because on 8th January I only travelled from Indore to Bhopal, except in the morning I visited one more attraction of the Indore city – Lalbaugh Palace. Since the photography wasn’t allowed in the palace, I have nothing much to share […]

Madhya Pradesh Solo Trip – Day 4

I woke up and walked out in the verandah. It was a cold morning and blue haze had spread over the jungle. The haze was so dense that the visibility was down to mere 300 to 400 meters. Everything was looking mesmerizing. I went back in the room just to come out again with my […]

Madhya Pradesh Solo Trip – Day 3

Me Sarthak and Deep were at the Khapa gate the same time in the morning as yesterday. I was really hoping that I’d get to see tigers today. There was another gypsy already waiting on the gate with an entire family occupying every inch of the seat. Our gypsy stood behind it in the queue. […]