Madhya Pradesh Solo Trip – Day 4

I woke up and walked out in the verandah. It was a cold morning and blue haze had spread over the jungle. The haze was so dense that the visibility was down to mere 300 to 400 meters. Everything was looking mesmerizing. I went back in the room just to come out again with my […]

Madhya Pradesh Solo Trip – Day 3

Me Sarthak and Deep were at the Khapa gate the same time in the morning as yesterday. I was really hoping that I’d get to see tigers today. There was another gypsy already waiting on the gate with an entire family occupying every inch of the seat. Our gypsy stood behind it in the queue. […]

Uttarayan I – Amritsar

     I was reading a Chetan Bhagat’s novel on my Kindle. I peeked outside a huge window pane and saw an open sky and a humongous runway. A ‘Jet Airways’ flight had just landed and was slowing down on the runway before taking a turn towards the boarding area. I was waiting for my […]

Dakshinayan Travel Film

This is a film I made on my recent Solo Road Trip in South India. Please note that due to a copyright claim by one of the song I used in the video, the video does not play on mobile devices and also in countries like New Zealand and Australia.   Regards, Pranay Meher    

Day 20, Coming Back Home

31st December, 2015      I was up before the dawn when it dawned upon me that it was the last day of my first Solo Road-trip. I felt sad, as I always felt on the last day of my adventures. “छुट्टी खतम, स्कुल शुरू”, as said by the character Arjun in the movie ‘Zindagi Na […]

Day 19, Deserted Phonda Ghat

Sunset Lonavala

30th December, 2015      The golden fresh, morning rays hit me as soon as I took a turn on the deserted road. The road was going up. The passage of Phonda ghat had finally begun. I had been riding on pathetic roads for last 2 hours. I had left Malvan early in the darkness. […]

Day 18, Para-sailing High In The Sky at Devbaug

29th December, 2015      I was back at Shree’s homestay early in the morning. I removed by sweater as I got down from the bike. I was looking for the cute puppy but it was nowhere to be found. Puppy’s mother was barking at me ever since I had arrived. Making sure that she […]