Day 5, Meeting My Childhood Friend


16th December, 2015 Hampi to Bangalore (343 kms)      I was ready with the first ray of the sun. I loaded my bike with all the bags and sat in the restaurant area to have my last breakfast in that beautiful town. Met David who was from Sweden. He gave me his advice and […]

Day 4, Birthplace Of The Vayuputra

15th December, 2015, Tuesday      I got ready and arrived at the restaurant area by 7:30 in the morning. Sheikh had helped me with the day’s sightseeing plan and was also going to accompany me. But he had to go to a nearby village for the Guest house’s work, so he couldn’t come along. […]

Day 3, part III, The Magnificent Vitthala Temple

Continues from the previous blog, ‘The Royal History’      We left Virupaksha temple and the crowd behind. The place where we were now, had really big boulders scattered around. Manjunath asked me to stop the bike and to have a look at one of the popular landmarks in Hampi. It was called ‘Sister Boulders’ […]

Day 3, part II, The Royal History

Continues from previous blog, ‘Day 3, part I, A Walk In The Past’      I was out of the Queen’s Bath and was walking towards my bike. A book seller approached me and showed me some books. A book on the history of Hampi caught my eye. I purchased it and was about to […]

Day 3, part I, A Walk In The Past

14th December, 2015 Exploring the Ancient Ruins Of Hampi      I had planned to leave for exploring the ancient ruins of Hampi by 8 o’clock because by that time the boat ferry in the river starts. But while coming back from the lakeside the night before, Sheikh asked me to witness a beautiful sunrise […]

Day 2, part III, Meteor Shower By The Lakeside

continues from the previous blog, ‘Day 2, part II, Search for the White Elephant’ 13th December, 2015 Belgaum To Hampi (264 kms)      I continued on the narrow road. Soon I was out of the Sanapur village. The road snaked through many small villages and beautiful farms. I found my self riding up on […]

Day 2, part II, Search for The White Elephant

Continues from the previous blog -‘Day 2 – The Lake That I Missed’      Koppal was a small town and a bit crowded. All structures in this town were short. The tallest building I saw here was two stories high. Everything was painted in bright colors. The streets were abundant with shops on the […]